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In August 2013, I made a decisive move: I started my own company.

My name is Thuy and I was born in Vietnam. I've spent most of my life in the Netherlands where I developed my passion for interior and product design. In my career as a creative buyer and product developer I traveled far and wide. By June 2010, my work eventually took me back to the country of my birth.

While traveling through the villages of Vietnam, I was introduced to traditional basket weavers. Impressed by the intricate and practical design of their work, I felt I had found what I had been looking for...but the purpose of my trip was not fulfilled. There was something more about these people and their work and my connection to this heritage. This was not where I wanted the story to end.

And so, Colibries was born.

Colibries is committed to supporting makers: artisans, crafters, and producers. We partner with other small, creative businesses that engage in socially sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. We encourage consumers to actively choose the products they believe in.

Professionally, we are committed to transparency, ethical sourcing and production, and quality products. We use recycled and reusable materials to produce both a line of woven baskets and functional handbags. The signs that our products are handmade cannot be hidden, and we don’t want them to be. Each product has its own unique characteristics which results from the use of leftover miscellany, stitching, and even packaging.

With each product that we offer, we are sharing a story that has not often been told. With each telling, we hope our story can offer you a dose of inspiration and the spark of possibility.

Mến Chào,



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