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What is your material made of ?

People give it different names: washable paper, kraft paper fabric, leather paper,…etc. We call it ‘Paper-Tex’. Basically, it is a lightweight kraft paper with high tear resistance, made of biodegradable natural fiber.

It’s a paper material produced by pressing together moist fibers of cellulose pulp (wood pulp), drying them into flexible sheets.

The tanning process, gives this paper-tex its particular ‘wrinkled’ look. We are using traditional techniques that consist in tanning and coloring of each single sheet. Because of this techniques, it is hard to guarantee that the product will be identical in color and overall appearance. But we can guarantee excellent washing results with no bleeding of original color after washing process.

Why it ‘s loved by vegan shopper ?

Using washable paper is such a game changer. With lots of experimental properties, we come back to how environmentally-friendly washable paper fabric is for a material that’s so durable.

As leather develop character with wear, so does washable paper fabric. It appeals to our vegan shopper foremost was the fact that it is cruelty-free: no animal or animal products are used in its manufacture. The other reason why it’s loved, because it is biodegradable and yet so strong!

Made with natural fiber, Paper-tex starts breaking down after couple of weeks in the soil, yet the products can stand several years of use.

“If we use more of this ‘leather paper,’ we can reduce the number of animals killed for leather.”

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